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As far as android is concern, it has a very awesome future ahead. Everything is going to mobile these days, from shopping your clothes, booking movie ticket, booking railway ticket to order vegetables to doorstep and there are lots of thing need to move to mobile now.

Most of android developer work for companies in India, some of them are working as freelancers and very few are working on their own idea. If you have a great idea that can change the way of anything(Like whatsapp took the text chat on another level, it is so easy to use that everybody wants it first on their smartphone).

In India so many companies are hiring android developer (almost 6 of 10) and startups are offering a really handsome packages to a smart developer.

If you have good hands on java then it is so easy to learn android development, here are few resources that might help you in learning -

  • Android Developers - This should be your first place for learning, i know this is not simple way to learn but it will give you much deep and detailed knowledge about every component. If you want to be good at android you should go here back to back, so try to love it.
  • Onclick Academy - Onclick Academy Android's course is a great choice to learn how to start your mobile developer career.
  • Stack Overflow - This is not the place for tutorials but if you stuck at any point go to stack overflow, many awesome developers are here to assist. I will recommend to use it as much as you can.
  • DevBytes - YouTube - Watch the Google developers videos, learn from them - how to code, which component we should use and beautiful animations. Even you will get here latest trend and tweaks.
  • Android Weekly - Free weekly Android development newsletter - Subscribe it, this is one of the awesome website. you will get weekly update regarding awesome libraries that you can use them and also about so many tools.
  • Tutorials, Games, Apps, Tips | - I really love his tutorials, you can get plenty of good tutorials from here.
  • Android Development - is also one of the best source to learn android, very easy and detailed.

Check out our Mobile Courses here!