Learn how to Github to push and pull content files.

We show you all the basic commands you need to know in order to create branches, switch branches, add files to the repository and merge files.

We show you how to use Github as a version control system to share and collaborate between others.

Everything you need to learn about using the basics of GitHub is provided within this course.

What is GitHub (for Begginners)

GitHub is like Wikipedia for programmers. You can edit files, see who changed what, view old versions of files, and access it from anywhere in the world – except you’re working with source code instead of encyclopedia data. Companies use it to build software and websites, while hobbyist programmers use it to find and share projects.

At its very core, GitHub is a web-based hosting platform for Git repositories. Git is a popular version control system that's widely used among programmers and developers for developing and maintaining code. A GitHub is built on top of Git, and it allows you to have both local and remote copies of your projects. So in that sense, it's very much a cloud based Git service.Now I know that, that sounds really boring but it's also a lot more than that though. So let's take a brief tour of GitHub and check out some of its important features.