If you write code or plan to do it, a good text editor will help you, save you time and help you work more efficiently.

Syntax highlighting for multiple programming and scripting languages is one of the most useful tools in any text editor. The best text editors also offer recordable macros to help you code more efficiently and an infinity of plugins. Design matters too, a tabbed interface makes it easy to manage multiple documents at once and the best text editors will cache your progress automatically so nothing is lost if you accidentally close the program.

I personally use and recommend Notepad ++. Notepad ++ is flexible and packed with tools.

Notepad ++ is probably the best-known text editor an a familiar name even if you’re not a programmer. The reasons for its enduring popularity is its support for syntax highlighting and autocomplete in a huge number of languages, as well as macro recording, code collapsing, and a near-endless list of plugins that can be used to extend the already-impressive feature set.

Notepad++ benefits from a tabbed multi-document interface so you can work on several files at once, and is lightning fast – even when handling very large files. It's been in constant development and is a truly fantastic text editor.