There are tons of opinions on the old and constantly changing question, what makes a great website? And obviously, everybody likes to have a saying in this extremely important question.

For me, the main points are:

1) A message that is clear, strong and to the point.

Is there anything more important than your message? Your message is everything since it is what you are trying to tell and, at the same time, what your user wants to know.

2) Easy to navigate.

Nobody wants to get lost or confused when is trying to obtain an information.

3) The more the merrier.

The main function of the website is to provide relevant content for the user, the more information it provides the more explanatory and trustworthy it will be.

For me, this is the simpliest answer to the question, what makes a great website, but obviously this is the shortest answer, we could develop it much more.

What do you think, should the answer include more things or for a simple answer is this enough? Please, share your thoughts.