In a few years, Web Development will surely become an important subject in the curriculum of high schools and perhaps even elementary schools.

In the United States, President Barack Obama himself took the initiative to promote the introduction of programming education for all.

Learning how to program is valuable for any career

Computer programming prepares young people for their professional life in the modern world. We are surrounded by computers. Few professionals today are not involved with the handling of computers, even the users of specific applications.

Learning basic programming concepts helps us understand how applications work and make us better users.

Likewise, it is important to have an advanced programming education for professionals in the scientific and technical areas, at least for students and professionals who demonstrate aptitude and interest. Learning computer programming, of course, is already a requirement for IT professionals.

However, the market needs engineers, chemists, mathematicians, geophysicists, etc. with advanced programming skills. Students and professionals in various scientific and technical areas should be aware of the learning opportunities, as they will be adding value to their curriculum.

We need computer professionals to produce efficient solutions to large-scale problems, but we also need programmer engineers to implement the problem physics.

Intermediate level, abstract languages

For an introductory teaching of programming, it is appropriate to use abstract programming languages, which facilitate the learning of basic programming principles, such as decision making, repetition, coding of functions, abstract use of data structures, etc.

Languages like Python or JavaScript are strong candidates. Another option is to learn Web Development within a specific environment, such as using a computer game engine or robot programming.

For the training of professional programmers, however, it is also important to learn less abstract languages, such as C, C ++ and Java.

A solid knowledge of C language facilitates the learning of any other programming language. Programming in C requires a conceptual understanding of how a computer works, and this knowledge is very important in developing correct and efficient programs, even when using higher-level programming languages.

In summary, the tendency is that programming education is increasingly more common at all levels of education. Students and professionals from diverse scientific and technical areas, who have aptitude, strive to acquire advanced knowledge of computer programming - this will bring a great differential in their professional careers.