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Top Programming Languages for Mobile Developers

Check out our Mobile Dev Course here! The technology and the programming language you use for mobile application development could be the difference between success and failure. The mobile explosion brought with it a lot of changes in which technology is used and applied. The same HTML that was...


What languages do I need to learn in order to create awesome games?

Check out our course "Create a Game Like Zelda with HTML5" here! The best language is the language that serves best the platform you're developing on. Most platforms, however, offer several choices of languages and then the best one among them can be considered the one that servers best the game...


Web development agency or a freelancer - what should you consider?

Check out our new released Full Stack Hacking Course here! “Using either a web development company or a freelance web developer for your online business has its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, an experienced development agency works with proper planning and uses most recent...


Hacknet: the pc game that teaches you how to hack in the real world!

Check out our new released Full Stack Hacking Course here! Interested in hacking but don't actually want to hack? There are hacking games for that obscure impulse, don't you know! Hacknet is the latest, and it has a lot of scintillating promises – not least that you'll be doing "real hacking"....